Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is the application?

    The application is free.

2. How do I download the application?

    The application can be downloaded by visiting the Google Play Store. If you need assistance, please follow our step by step guide.

3. What if I get a new phone for my child?

    If you get a new phone for your child, simply remove the application from your child's previous phone and reinstall the application on your child's new phone using the email address and password you have already established.

4. How do I uninstall the application?

    To uninstall the application please follow the Google Play procedures for uninstalling Android applications.

5. What if the internet/data is disconnected? How will the picture be sent to me?

     If the data connection on the smartphone is disconnected images can not be sent or received. As soon as a data connection is established any new photos taken will be     sent to the email address associated to the smartphone.

6. What if the application is deleted? What if the phone is wiped clean?

     In the event of the application being removed from the smartphone, a time stamped notification is sent to the email address associated to the smartphone.
    Please make sure that both the Senttell Primary Application and SentTell Monitor are installed on your childs smartphone.

7. Are there tutorials available?

    Yes, tutorials are available on how to register, login, and navigate the settings menu.

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